SUMMIT: Leveraging Choosing Wisely® as a Tool for Achieving Health Equity:  "Call to Action"

On October 16, 2017, the Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative (CCWC) hosted an all-day Summit entitled Leveraging Choosing Wisely® as a Tool for Achieving Health Equity: “Call to Action.”  The Summit explored opportunities for using Choosing Wisely® resources as a tool to empower and engage underserved populations facing economic, cultural, racial, literacy or linguistic barriers to receiving safe and effective care.  

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Throughout the Summit, participants heard from speakers sharing case studies, resources and future plans for Choosing Wisely®, and from a panel of experts who discussed the opportunities and obstacles for Choosing Wisely® to support health equity. Tekisha Everette, Executive Director of Health Equity Solutions served as Summit moderator and kept all participants engaged in the day’s sessions. Attendees worked together in breakout groups to prioritize recommendations and create action items for the CCWC to better engage and empower underserved patients. A report outlining insights and recommendations from the Summit on how the Choosing Wisely® campaign can contribute to future efforts to achieve health equity will be posted here in the coming months. You can access the agenda and a list of presenters HERE.