With funding from the Connecticut Health Foundation and the invaluable support and engagement by many local and national partners, the CCWC has conducted a multifaceted, multiyear project that has explored Choosing Wisely’s abilities to support underserved populations facing economic, cultural, racial, literacy or linguistic barriers to receiving safe and effective care. The Choosing Wisely health equity project began in 2015 and included an environmental scan, a series of focus groups and point of care pilots at two Connecticut–based, federally qualified health centers that were completed in late 2016 (Phase 1)

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In 2017, the CCWC began planning a summit (Phase 2) that was held in October 2107, for community partners and other local and national experts. The CCWC presented findings from the Phase 1 Choosing Wiselyhealth equity work and offered an opportunity for participants feedback and share their own knowledge and experiences interacting with the healthcare system. The group identified environmental and campaign characteristics that present barriers as well as opportunities for Choosing Wisely to benefit consumers and patients from underserved communities. Click below to learn more about each phase of project and to read the briefs which include executive summaries, and highlight insights and recommendations for enhancing the value of Choosing Wisely as a tool for health equity.

Learn about the grant and view the initial report on enhancing patient-clinician communication

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Leveraging Choosing Wisely® as a Tool for Achieving Health Equity