• Patients and providers need and deserve information, tools and support that enable them to mutually choose care that is supported by evidence, most appropriate, free from harm and truly necessary
  • Improving provider-patient communication at the point of care is fundamental to improving patient safety, reducing unnecessary & costly medical care, and achieving health equity for all consumers
  • Cultural and linguistic competence and mutual respect are critical to the patient and provider relationship
  • Addressing tests & procedures whose necessity should be questioned and discussed requires cultural change at the patient and provider level; and delivery system, practice and payment reforms

Practitioners and Health Systems
We will work to support the uptake of Choosing Wisely® in hospitals and clinics, medical groups and provider practices.    We will gain insight to the needs of clinicians and support health systems that seek to engage patients and families in conversations about care choices, as well as seek media coverage of Choosing Wisely® in Connecticut.

Guiding Principles

Our Purpose

  • Promote widespread adoption of Choosing Wisely® in Connecticut as a vehicle for improvement in healthcare practice and culture
  • Bring together multiple & diverse stakeholders to work together on efforts to put Choosing Wisely® into practice in Connecticut
  • Support the culture change needed in the patient-provider relationship by promoting enhanced communication, partnership and mutual goal setting between patients and providers
  • Leverage the opportunities for Choosing Wisely® to support multiple reform efforts underway in Connecticut to improve health quality, safety, outcomes, and lower healthcare costs
  • Facilitate the inclusion of Connecticut based Choosing Wisely® initiatives in, and make contribution to, a national learning community of Choosing Wisely® best practices

Educational Institutions for Training Health Care Professionals
We will work with medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools, community health workers, assisters, and care coordinators, and professional societies and associations.  We will host events to help engage with and gather feedback from clinicians who are early adopters of Choosing Wisely® and identify ways we can support this in their education and training.  We hope to select a pilot site for our Connecticut Health Foundation grant at which residents can take a lead role in staff training and conversations with patients.

Strategic Priorities

Patients and Community Organizations
We will work in partnership with consumer advocacy organizations, faith-based organizations, and those that serve the underserved to bring the Choosing Wisely® message directly to consumers.  We will participate in key health fairs and community events, hosting tables and delivering targeted materials to consumers and ensure the consumer voice is heard in all planning decisions.  We will also provide advisory support to our Connecticut Health Foundation grant.

Employers and Payers
We will collaborate with employer groups, insurers, and Access Health CT to develop a top-ten list of Choosing Wisely® issues by analyzing claims data from Connecticut residents.  This will determine our top issues for employer, payer, and employee education, and we will develop materials, videos, and presentations to support employer and payer uptake of these Choosing Wisely® recommendations. 

The Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative aims to support and connect organizations developing or already involved in Choosing Wisely® in Connecticut.  The Collaborative promotes the development of a Choosing Wisely® learning community in Connecticut so that Connecticut-based programs can find and share resources and learn from and contribute to best practices at the local and national level.

​The Collaborative maintains a partnership with the ABIM Foundation and together work directly with the national Choosing Wisely® campaign to provide support and a wide range of resources to groups like ours.

What We Do

Our Collaborative’s Leadership Council has developed a charter of strategic priorities to facilitate the adoption of Choosing Wisely® in many facets of our state’s healthcare community.  Key areas include:

The Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative (CCWC) is a diverse multi-stakeholder group that is committed to the widespread adoption of Choosing Wisely® in Connecticut.

Who We Are