The CCWC would like to thank Consumer Reports for helping us produce the following brief detailing the Collaborative’s efforts in enhancing patient and clinician communication by leveraging Choosing Wisely as a tool for achieving health equity. The brief provides an overview of a project conducted in 2015-2016 and funded by the Connecticut Health Foundation. Findings from this project served as the impetus for convening the Summit. You can access the brief HERE.

Speaker Presentations

The Summit featured four speakers who shared their individual experiences, resources, and future plans for implementing Choosing Wisely® practices. Our featured speakers included Kelly Rand from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, Beccah Rothschild from Consumer Reports, Allie Miraglia from Health Insight Utah, and CT Choosing Wisely Collaborative’s Leadership Council member Laura Morris from the Connecticut Office of the Healthcare Advocate. You can access the speakers’ presentations HERE

 2017 Summit Materials